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How to dress for your next football match

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Sportswear retailer Sportswell is looking to revive its image after the company lost nearly one billion pounds in 2016.

Its new range of football shirts are coming soon to UK stores.

It will be available on the first Monday of March and can be pre-ordered from its website and at select shops.

“Sportswell has been in a tough spot, but the future is bright,” said Chris McInnes, chief executive of the company.

“We’ve got a strong team of brands and we’ve always looked forward to delivering great customer experiences.”

The brand launched its new football range in the summer of 2016, and has now sold more than 100 million of the shirts, with the first in line due to hit store shelves on the third Monday of April.

In a statement, Sportswelaid said it would “continue to innovate” with its range of products and aims to build a “strong brand” with the brand’s “unique blend of sportsmanship, technology and quality”.

“We are looking forward to bringing our innovative product offering to the UK market,” it said.

“As we enter the final stages of the redesign process, we’re also looking forward in a strong future with our football shirts.”

I know that everyone at Sportswill is passionate about our brands and the great work they do every day, and I know they’re excited to help us create a great brand and product range for the UK in the future.

“Mr McInnsons team has previously made a number of other notable changes, including adding a new sports drink, a new barcode-based identity and introducing a new range for its new sports bra.

Mr McIngnes said he believed the company would be successful in the UK.”

The UK has the best sports brand in the world and we’re all keen to make sure we continue to innovate with our brands, so we’re looking forward for an exciting and exciting season ahead,” he said.

The Sportswells range of sportswearing goods has been available in the US, Canada and Germany since 2016, with a number already sold.

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