Which tribal sportswears will you be wearing when you go out in style?

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Sportswear retailer lucyl sportswearing, one of Canada’s largest brands, will release a range of new clothing items in the coming weeks.

The line, which includes items including tee-shirts, sweatshirts, pants and hoodies, is part of a wider effort to bring the sportsworld closer to what the company sees as the modern day Native American lifestyle.

It’s an attempt to make tribal sports clothing more accessible and accessible to younger people and young people in general, said Linda St-John, senior vice-president of lucius sportswwear.

“The goal is to make it available to people who may be new to sportswatches and to help make them more comfortable and more accessible to them,” she said.

“It’s also about making sure that our products are made to fit the needs of all types of people, from kids who are interested in being outdoors to people that are older who are just really looking for something that’s comfortable.”

In the future, the company will be releasing a range that will be worn by people who are in different stages of their journey, such as those who have not yet reached a certain age and those who are at a crossroads in their lives, she said, adding that the items will be available in two sizes: women’s and men’s.

“There’s a lot of things that we can do to create more support and to allow people to be more comfortable with what we do,” St-john said.

St-John said that the company is also looking to bring back items that are in a tradition that is tied to Native American culture.

“We’re not going to just re-imagine traditional tribal clothing,” she explained.

“I think there’s really a lot that we’re doing with the products that we are bringing in.

We’re really bringing back things that are really, really iconic to Native culture and to the way Native people dress, which is great.”

She added that the goal is not to take traditional garments and replace them with modern day versions, but rather to create something that is more representative of what Native people look like in their clothing.

“This is not a throwback,” she noted.

“This is what our culture is.”

In an interview with CBC News, lucias founder and president, Donald Ross, said he was inspired to create the line after watching his father grow up in Montana.

“He was in Montana for a long time and I’m thinking about the people he grew up with, and what the tribes look like,” Ross said.

“And I wanted to bring them back into the world.”

St-john noted that the line will also include items that will celebrate the cultural differences between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people.

“Our vision is to create clothing that is going to be available for Indigenous people who want to wear it and for people who don’t want to,” she told CBC News.

“That’s why we’re not just bringing traditional clothing into a modern world.

It’s something that Indigenous people have been wearing for millennia, and it’s something they want to be able to wear.”

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