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How to protect your health and your wallet from these $200,000 ‘bombshell’ sneakers

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As the Nike Air Max 1 sneaker continues to roll out, a new study from the Boston Consulting Group has found that the company is a lot less expensive than the most expensive sneakers on the market.

The study looked at $200 pair of Nike Air Jordan XI shoes from for about $400.

The shoes cost $160 for the $400 pair.

The cheapest pair is currently selling for $350 on, with a $75 coupon for free shipping.

The most expensive pair, which Nike has previously touted as a luxury sneaker, is $600 on Amazon for $400 on Black Friday.

“We found that if you look at what’s currently available for sale in the marketplace for sneakers, there’s a substantial difference in cost between sneakers from Nike and the competition,” study co-author and senior fellow at Boston Consulting analyst Bruce Midthun told Medical News Day.

The difference in price between the two shoes can be attributed to Nike’s “sportswear” branding, Midthu said.

Nike is the most valuable brand in the sneaker market, he said.

The average pair of the $200 Nike Air LeBron 1 is listed for $299 on Amazon, with the Nike LeBron 1 $299 and Nike LeBron 2 for $349 each.

“What’s really interesting is that the Nike version of the LeBron 1 sneakers actually sells much better on Amazon than the Nike shoes are on eBay,” Midthur said.

Midthul said it’s worth noting that the $300 Nike Air Air Max 2 is a shoe that’s not a sports shoe.

It’s a shoe for people who want to run.

It has a higher cushioning, a more athletic feel, and a longer heel to help with grip, he added.

“So, for that reason, I think there’s an argument that people who buy the Nike versions of the shoe are buying them for more athletic and athletic-oriented activities,” Mythun said.

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