Nike unveils its new logo for women’s tennis

Posted by admin

Sports brands are embracing the changing times, and that includes Nike.

The sports-focused company announced a new logo today to better represent its growing female-owned brands.

The company’s first female-centric logo was unveiled at the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show.

Today, Nike unveiled a new one that more closely represents the company’s mission to inspire women and girls to thrive in all aspects of their lives.

“Nike is changing the face of women’s fashion with a new brand identity, the Nike Sports Women’s Logo, to reflect the values and priorities that we’re all striving for,” said Kristin Stoll, Nike Senior Vice President of Brand Development.

“It’s an empowering symbol that embodies the incredible diversity of women and celebrates the incredible achievements of women.”

Nike has been a leader in women’s athletic apparel for decades.

The company has helped to shape women’s footwear for the past three decades, and has continued to create women’s sports gear for men.

The new logo celebrates the company as an innovator in the sportsworld.

“We’re thrilled to launch the Nike Women’s Sports Logo, a bold statement that celebrates the values that make Nike what it is,” said Julie Sams, Vice President, Brand Marketing, Nike.

“The Nike Women is a group of women who share an amazing passion for women.

It shows how we continue to inspire the next generation of female leaders, athletes and athletes-to-be.”

Women’s sportswearing has become an increasingly important part of the women’s game as women’s participation in high school, college and professional basketball and other sports has grown in recent years.

The sportswears are often worn as part of a casual attire or by women who want to make their athletic style visible.

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