How Nike Sportswear Top Brands Can Make the Most of the Smartwatch Revolution

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When it comes to fashion and technology, Nike is one of the few brands that can’t really get enough of the smartwatch movement.

This is despite the fact that it was founded by a man who also started a company that manufactures a smartwatch, which has been credited with sparking the smart watch trend.

Now, the company has released its first smartwatch in a very short amount of time, and while the $399 Sportswire Top is still available in select markets, it has launched in select countries.

Read more: The best new smartwatches for 2016 (review)The new Sportswires are designed with a circular design with an embedded GPS sensor, a microphone, an accelerometer and a heart rate monitor.

It’s the first smartwares that Nike has made available in India and the US in the space of three months.

As a company, Nike doesn’t really have a track record in the smart wear category, but it’s definitely one of its best positioned brands.

This smartwatch is designed for sportswearing, and the company says it can easily connect with any smartwatch you may already own, and it’ll work seamlessly with Nike+ fitness tracking, Nike+ cycling and Nike+ running apps.

The main selling point of the new Sportwires is that it’s waterproof, but not in a bad way.

The straps on the new sports watch have a removable hood, which means that if you’re wearing the watch while swimming or in the shower, it won’t get dirty and can be washed with soap and water.

It’s important to note that while the new Nike Sportwears are designed to work with the Nike+ apps, they don’t come with any of the other apps.

For example, you can’t access the Nike Plus app, Nike Sport IQ or Nike+ Running Tracker from the new smart watches, which is disappointing for those who might want to track their exercise routines and fitness levels.

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