How to dress like a campus sports fan in 2019

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A sports jersey, cap, jacket and sweatshirt for the campus crowd is all the students at The University of Washington will need for their 2019 campus-wide event.

The official “summer school party” event starts Thursday, April 12 at 5 p.m. at the John Marshall Student Center, at the west entrance of campus.

The student-run “Summer School” will begin Saturday, April 13, and end Saturday, May 4, at 6 p.t.

The event is sponsored by The University’s Sports and Entertainment Council (SEAC), a non-profit association dedicated to developing and promoting athletic, social and cultural programs for all UW students.

Students who want to dress as their favorite sports team on campus will need to bring their own team jerseys, caps, jackets and sweatshirts.

If you don’t have a team jersey, you’ll need to purchase a UW gift card.

Students can purchase season tickets to all UW sports games in 2019 for $125 each, which is only $75 more than the cost of a full-priced season ticket.

There will also be a discount on season tickets for students who pre-register online.

The team uniforms are a must.

They will be available for purchase for the first time at the event, starting at $175 for men’s and $150 for women’s.

The Seattle Seahawks will be the official team of the event.

Students will also have the option of wearing their team apparel for free at the party, as long as they’re wearing a UW sweatshirt.

The school’s mascot, “The Beavers,” will be on hand for the party.

He is also the mascot of the UW men’s basketball team, which will be wearing their jerseys for the event as well.

If your team’s name is a popular UW team, you may want to wear a UW cap, cap and hat for the night.

If not, the Beavers will be doing their part to get the party started.

The first event of the season begins at 5:30 p.k. with the game between the Washington Huskies and Washington State Cougars.

The game will be played at the Westin Downtown Seattle Center, where the Seattle Seahawks have a practice facility and a practice field.

There are also a few other events in the works for the season, including a basketball game between Washington State and UCLA on Saturday, March 29, and a basketball tournament between Washington and UCLA.

Students and staff can pre-order season tickets and purchase team jerseys online at www.seattle.edu/summer-school.

Fans can purchase merchandise at the Seattle Sounders Store located in the Student Union on campus, as well as at other locations on campus.

There is also a limited number of season tickets available for the game on Saturday.

Seattle is home to the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament and the Men’s Division I men’s soccer team, the Seattle Storm, as the hosts of the 2018 NCAA Men and Women’s Final Four.

For more information about the Seattle event, visit seattle.com/summerschool or visit seattletimes.com.

For the latest sports coverage, visit sports.usatoday.com or sports.seattletime.com

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