How to make your NFL jerseys from scratch

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What you need to know about the NFL’s jerseys.1.

Size and fit.

The NFL has a size limit for its jerseys, with players wearing a size 32 jersey if they’re wearing the uniform from head to toe.

But teams can wear any jersey they want, including 32-34.

A 33-34 jersey is considered to be a larger-than-size.2.

The jersey must be washed.

To be a true NFL jersey, a jersey must first be washed and dried before being cut.

If the jersey is washed too often, it could start to fray and get stained.

A drying cycle can take anywhere from three to 12 days.3.

The team must wash the jersey every week.

The NFL says it needs to wash the jerseys on the following days, but players and coaches may choose to wash a different day.4.

The jerseys must be cut every week at least once a week.

Players and coaches are allowed to cut up to five different players at a time, per league policy.5.

The cut must be clean and clean, but not stained or chipped.6.

The player must have his or her name on the front and back of the jersey.7.

The logo must be placed on the back of each jersey.8.

The front of the neck must be open.9.

The back of jersey must not be visible.10.

The shoulder straps must not hang over the shoulders.11.

The number of stripes must not exceed four.12.

The sleeves must be the same width as the shoulder pads.

The number of strips must not surpass four.

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