What you need to know about Aeravia’s return to German fashion

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The German fashion giant is once again back in the limelight with a pair of German sportswears returning from the UK, bringing to a close a decade-long reign in the UK as the world’s leading sports brand.

The Aeravia range, which has been sold to British fashion giant LVMH, was first introduced in 2015 with a range of products ranging from men’s shoes to women’s footwear, including an exclusive pair of Aeravia sneakers, as well as womenswear and womens wear.

However, this week the brand has announced that it is launching a women’s collection in the US, the first to be released in the country since 2014.

The range will be available in US retailers including LVMh, Target, Walmart, BJs, Bloomingdale’s, and Amazon, and will be released on March 17.

The brand is also introducing a new range for women, which will feature more than 20 of the brand’s signature pieces including the new Aeravia X1 womens womens shoes, as part of a new collection called Aeravias Women’s Collection.

The new range includes a range from the iconic Aeravia X1 to a range that will be unveiled later this month.

The collection will include the Aeravas Women’s collection as well, with the womens collection featuring more than 50 of the company’s signature silhouettes.

While the womans range is currently only available in the U.S., the women collection will be launched on April 3 in the United Kingdom and on April 9 in Germany.LVMH said in a statement: “This is the last generation of women’s shoes, and it is a time when women are taking back their rightful place in the world.”

The womens range will feature a range including a collection of Aeravases iconic womens silhouettes, including the womns silhouette, as they are featured in a number of Aervias womens shoe line-ups.

While women’s shoe sales in the brand are set to grow by a third in 2017, women still make up less than 10% of its total shoe sales, and women make up only 15% of the women’s fashion market, according to research firm Euromonitor.

Luxury brand Zara has also been looking to expand its market to the U: its women’s collections include a womens-inspired collection, which is due to be launched this month in the States.

The US, which accounted for half of Zara’s US shoe sales for 2017, has been one of the most heavily female-dominated markets for fashion brands, and is predicted to grow to be the world market for the brand by 2021, according a report published by Zara.

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