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New York City’s new ‘no-frills’ city-wide protest gear may make people look less cool

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By LAURA BRADLEY, Associated Press New York’s new “no-friction” protest gear has a new slogan.

A protestor dressed in the latest fashions could be just what the doctor ordered.

It’s called The Big Lie.

The idea of the no-frill protest suit is to try to make people feel more comfortable while protesting.

People wear the suit because they want to.

They want to get out of their cars and go to work, go to a protest and then have a conversation.

It can be a simple conversation, or something more profound.

A group of students and organizers in New York are using the no frills suit to push back against the way the city is dealing with protesters.

The protesters have been wearing the suit for months to push for a new set of policies that allow people to wear whatever they want on public transit.

The no-fricty suit is a symbol of resistance.

But the suit is becoming a problem in some quarters of the city.

The city of New York is looking for ways to combat the new protest attire.

On Wednesday, organizers announced they would be starting a campaign to get rid of the suit.

“New Yorkers need to stop wearing this f***ing suit.

We need to put this f**king suit to bed.

And we need to make sure that we do it the right way,” said Alex C. Grewal, a senior organizer with the Occupy New York movement, in a video about the campaign.

“We’re trying to change our perception of how people dress.”

The suit, which is made of lightweight polyester, is made by a company called Lava.

Its website says the suit helps people feel better in their daily life.

But some people are questioning whether the suit encourages people to be rude or aggressive.

People who have worn the suit at protests in other cities have said the suit makes people look uncomfortable, not cool.

There’s no official count of how many people wear the no f***y suit in New England.

Cathy Smith, an organizer with New York Against Racism, a group of people who want to bring down police brutality, said people wearing the no faux-fur suit have been pushing for a change in how the city handles protests.

Some have even said the suits are a distraction.

In New York, a protester wears a no-fur hat during a demonstration on May 26.

(Photo: Eric Thayer, AP)New York’s police department has said the no fur suit was designed to keep people safe, and that it was intended to be worn in public.

The suit was first approved for use in a small number of high-profile protests, including a May Day march and the Occupy Wall Street encampment.

Last year, New York enacted a law that requires people to cover their faces with a mask during public demonstrations, such as the May Day demonstration and the encampment where Occupy protesters occupied a park in midtown Manhattan.

Police have said they have received hundreds of complaints from New Yorkers who feel the suit discourages them from getting involved.

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio has also made the suit a part of his anti-poverty agenda.

This year, he proposed a new $5 minimum wage, and he proposed that the city cut police overtime to help with the cost of policing protests.

New York Police Commissioner William Bratton has said that the new overtime regulations would help pay for the suits.

Braswell’s comments have drawn criticism from many in the local Occupy movement, which has been calling for the city to change its policies.

On Wednesday, Occupy protesters started wearing the suits in protest.

They wore them in public during a march in Manhattan.

They even wore them to the Brooklyn Bridge, which carries the Brooklyn Nets basketball team to the Barclays Center for the first time in decades.

Many of the people wearing suits say the suits encourage people to get angry and confront the police.

And it’s not just people who don’t like the suits who are protesting.

At one protest, a woman was arrested after trying to block a traffic lane, police said.

Several hundred protesters took part in a march Wednesday in Manhattan against racism.

(AP Photo/Matt Rourke) New Yorkers who do wear the suits have said that they are concerned that the suits make them look like they’re just trying to be cool.

But some people, including many in New Haven, Conn., have also expressed support for the suit, saying it gives people a way to show their anger.

“It’s just another thing that’s being used to get people to feel like they can go out and express themselves,” said Michael D. Deutsch, a graduate student at New York University who wore the suit during the May 1 protest in New Orleans.

“And they’re feeling better and feeling less unsafe.”

But there are those who say that the

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