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What a difference a decade makes for athletes

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Sporting events have become so popular and lucrative that even the smallest teams have tens of millions of dollars in prize money at stake.

That money is now being used to pay for new uniforms and gear, to hire trainers and to pay off players and coaches who are now overpaid and underpaid.

The money that players are making in the NFL and the NBA has exploded in the past decade, while players’ salaries have remained roughly the same or even declined.

In the NBA alone, players’ compensation is estimated to have increased by $1 billion since the lockout began in 2011.

The NBA, which relies on the league’s TV deal, has had to spend millions to buy new uniforms, equipment and training facilities.

It has had less to spend on players’ contracts and salary, making it more difficult for players to reach their potential.

But the salaries of players have stayed about the same, even though the salaries for players in other leagues have increased.

The average salary for a full-time player in the NBA was $11.1 million last season, according to, up $2.4 million from last season.

But players who play fewer than 100 games this season will make less than the average full-year player, $7.9 million.

The median full-season salary is $13.8 million.

But that number includes a $4.6 million bonus that was tied to the league taking its season ticket sales to new heights.

The salary cap was set at $92 million in 2016, which meant that the cap only increased by more than $1 million in the first two months of this season.

That means that the average salary of a full NBA player has gone up by $3 million since the start of the lockout.

And, despite the salary cap being set at a $92 billion limit, it has not been as high as some people believe.

In a report for the Los Angeles Times, sports economist Kevin Anderson estimated that the salary of an average NBA player last season was $20.8.

But Anderson also calculated that an average player in 2017 will be $21.2 million in salary, or nearly $30 million more than the median full NBA salary.

Anderson also found that the NBA is not as close to having a revenue-sharing plan as some believe, because the league did not take the steps required to reduce its expenses during the lockout and is now in a “state of debt.”

Anderson said that “if you have a team in the league that is not profitable, that is going to make them less attractive to the owners and fans and sponsors.”

He said that the owners of some of the NBA’s teams have been reluctant to sign new contracts because of the increased salaries.

But some analysts have said that because the players are being paid so much, the NBA can continue to make a profit on players, even if its salary cap is capped.

The league’s owner, the owners association, said that if the league had a revenue sharing plan, the league would be able to reduce the cap by as much as $6 million annually.

In that scenario, the cap would drop by $2 million a year and the league could still be profitable.

Anderson said the revenue sharing system is “just one more thing that can make a team more attractive to a league that’s not profitable.”

But he also said that a cap could prevent the league from having to pay players a decent salary for their work.

Anderson’s analysis found that an increase in revenue sharing, such as the one that is proposed for next season, would only help the league if it had a plan to eliminate some of its expenses.

But he said that it could not reduce the salary caps because the cap is set at the same level that it was when the lockout started.

That could make the revenue-share plan more likely if the owners union is able to increase its leverage, or if it can convince the NBA to sign an agreement with an agent or two to negotiate better terms.

The NFL’s salary cap for next year will be more than a million dollars, and it is expected to rise even more.

But a new proposal from the NFLPA, which is also negotiating with the league, would cap the salary at $62 million, which would still be enough to pay all of its players.

But it would be less than what the league currently pays its players, which are already overpaid by about $15 million.

This is not the first time that the NFL has faced criticism from sports economists for having a salary cap.

In 2016, the union sued the NFL over its salary caps, arguing that they were a waste of money that did not make it fair to players and that it hurt the game.

The latest salary cap debate comes as the NFL prepares to release the NFL Network.

The network has been criticized for not providing the league with as much revenue as it wanted.

But league officials have said the network’s viewership and ratings are the most important factor in determining

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