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How to wear your favorite shoes in the heat

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Wearing your favorite shoe during the summer can be hard.

It can be frustrating and uncomfortable, and it can get cold.

Here are a few tips for keeping your shoes comfortable during the heat.


Wear shorts.

If you want to look cool while you are at the beach, you can wear shorts.

But if you want your shoes to be cooler, you should stick to a full-length pair.


Keep them toasty.

A jacket or long-sleeved shirt can be a great way to keep your feet cool in the summer heat.


Dress appropriately.

You don’t need to go all out in the way you normally dress for a beach or in the city.

You can wear a t-shirt and shorts.


Don’t forget your sunscreen.

If your body temperature rises, sunscreen can help keep your shoes cool.


Wear a hat.

You should always wear a hat to keep you cool in summer.


Keep your toes warm.

Avoid wearing socks or shoes that are too hot.


Don.t. sweat.

If the heat hits your toes and toes are too warm, wear a sock or a cold-weather jacket instead.


Wash your hands.

It’s not the only way to protect your feet from the heat, but it can help.


Don your sunglasses.

They’ll help keep the heat off your face.


Don,t forget your towel.

Wearing a towel and keeping it toasty can keep your nails cool.


Wear sunscreen.

Wear the right kind and mix them to protect yourself and your feet.


Dress cool.

If it’s cold out and your shoes and shorts are too cold, wear warm-weather clothing and take your shoes off.


Wear cool socks.

These will help protect your toes from the sun.


Wash up.

If there is any water on the beach and you are wearing a bathing suit, take off your shoes.


Be a bit less adventurous.

Don;t go all in.

Keep yourself toasty and keep your toes cool.

You’ll be fine, and you’ll look more comfortable in your summer gear.

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