How ‘badger’ will change fashion and advertising as ‘bullshit’ sports wear takes off

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Badger sport apparel will soon be the new look for girls, with the brand’s latest collection of shorts and dresses aimed at athletes and sports fans alike.

The collection includes a pair of shorts featuring the logo of the company’s dog, “Cuddles,” with an extra pair of pants featuring the Badger logo on the left side and the words “Badger” on the right.

“We wanted to take that brand to a whole new level, and the result is a collection that really represents the values of Badger and is going to be a trend piece,” Badger CEO Nick Coughlin told The Hill in a phone interview.

The new collection includes shorts, dresses, and jackets with the Badgers “Cuddle” logo on both sides, the brand said in a statement.

It also includes the brand, which has previously released a collection called “The Daddies,” that includes a number of new styles.

“The new collections showcase the brand in an entirely new way,” Coughlins statement said.

“In the last six months, we’ve launched a number in-house and have been very transparent with the world about what we’re doing.

We have a very well-established brand with a brand identity that has a huge appeal to a large number of people.”

The new collections feature “a number of styles” that “will appeal to women, men, and kids alike,” the statement said, adding that the collection will be available to purchase “in select retailers beginning April 20, 2018.”

The collection was announced during Badger’s Spring/Summer 2017 ad campaign, which saw the brand debut the BadGator logo on all of its jackets and shorts, which Coughliners brand also used to create the BadGER.com website.

“Every day, the company works hard to provide quality products and services, which helps drive sales and profit,” the company said in the statement.

“With the brand expanding beyond sports, we are excited to continue to add to our roster of sports-specific products.”

The brand has been selling sports-focused apparel for more than a decade, including Badger boots, Badger shorts, and Badger jackets.

In 2016, Badgers co-founder and CEO Nick Jorgensen said that the brand has more than doubled its sales in the past four years and will soon begin to offer its sports-inspired apparel online.

“Badgers brand is a staple of the American lifestyle, with millions of fans around the world that have enjoyed the product over the years,” the brand wrote on its website.

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